Poetry Slam

Speaking My Truth

To speak my truth

Fearlessly and without shame

That is the name of the game

To light my flame

To write my name

Under a funnel of words

Will I be heard?

Will they think me absurd?

Will my meaning be slurred?

I cannot tell

A lie

For that would leave me a hollow shell

I would rather fly

With a flamboyant smile

On my lips

That goes on for miles

I am the captain of my ship

The Queen of the Nile

Yeah, I could be Cleopatra for a while

A powerful goddess of beauty and charm…

please don’t be alarmed

If I choose not to please you

I don’t apologize for my authenticity

For when I am true

I am lit up

With electricity!



Like a cat

I always land on my feet

Imagine that

Life’s ups and downs don’t get me beat

Yeah, I’m resilient

Ever so brilliant

And oh so sweet

The universe throws me a curve ball

and that’s a treat, y’all

I might fall

But I’ll get back up

You can bet your bottom dollar

And I’ll stand prouder and taller

‘Cause I stretch more than a rubber band

Nothing’s gonna bend me outta shape

I can fend for myself

Better than any man

In a flowing red cape

Yo, I can go with the flow

I’m like a river, ya know

Put me down

And you’ll watch me get stronger

Make me frown

And you’ll see I last longer

Than the energizer bunny

In my mind, it’s always sunny

Laugh at yourself when you can

Keep life light and funny

Then the bumps don’t seem so bad

Be grateful, be glad

And you’ll keep rising higher

You know I ain’t no liar.






One thought on “Poetry Slam

  1. Lisa says:

    BIG smile! Thanks Donna!

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