A shiny stone

13896000-blue-shiny-stone-on-seascape-backgroundI think when we begin, we are all like shiny stones on the beach.  After time, we collect moss and seaweed, shells and debris.  Then we see ourselves as these things attached to us because we can no longer see the shiny stone underneath.

That shiny stone is our soul; the essence of who we are.  The moss and seaweed and shells are feelings, thoughts and ideas of ourselves that have come from our experiences and our reactions to these experiences.  We start to identify with these thoughts and feelings and sometimes with even cling on to them in fear that we might disappear without them. Who would I be if I wasn’t always anxious, hyper, cheerful, fearful?

To get back to our essence we have to let the waves carry away the debris;  wash us clean.  Being left so exposed is terrifying to the ego.  We must overcome the anxiety and fear and push through all the falseness and denial.  This is the truthtrip–discovering who we REALLY are and eventually BEING who we truly are.